What Do I get if I sign up for the VIP membership?

When you sign up, you’ll get entrance to our VIP telegram channel where we post our top trading setups as an educational purpose. We also share our own trade ideas  to learn from it. You’ll also have access to our library of training materials (Educational pdf's & downloadable trading library). We are constantly publishing  for our clients. . We are always active with our clients through Instagram DMs, answering questions and mentoring them as they learn. When you subscribe to us, we help you along every step of the way.

There’s A Lot Of “Forex Scammers” . How Are You Different? What do you offer?

To start, AIRFOREXONE is not an investment company or Financial advisors.  We are just passionate  about trading. 

By other side, NEVER send anyone large sums of money if they promise you overnight riches. We get DMs from people all the time saying, “someone promised me $2,000 if I sent them $300” Don’t ever fall for that, it is a SCAM! The same if we talk about sending BTC , invest with etc.... , we aren’t asking you for some huge investment and we aren’t promising you overnight riches. If you want to become a Forex trader, its going to take hard work and practice, but it’s very possible. . It’s very possible and feasible for the average person to jump in our premium group and start  learning  through our guidance. We’re also proud to say that we’ve never had a student blow an account. Even if we share our content as an educational purpose,  We make sure to share our values and knowledge to develop a risk management strategy that works for them.

How many trades do we post a day?

About 2  per day (10-15per week) intraday and swing trades both combined. Yes, we also send swing trades because we are able to get a lot more pips per trade. Please note : this is not a fixed amount market conditions can vary from one week to another. If someone promise a guaranty of amount then they probably don't know about financial markets and proper speculation.

How much money can I make from $XXX?

If your ultimate goal is to compound money they we advise you to get a financial certified advisor. 

A lot of people ask us this. “How much can I make from $20?” or “How much will my $500 be worth in a month” The truthful answer is we don’t know. How much you make depends on a lot of things (some that we can’t control) such as account size, leverage, spreads market conditions, time of year, and your risk management strategy and if you respecte our rules and your rules. Any other signal service who promises you you’ll turn $100 into $1,000 in a week is probably trying to scam you. If you’re looking for overnight riches, then this isn’t the place for you. If you want to learn the valuable skill of trading and how to build up your trading account over time, to get realistic results we can help you with that.

If you’re so successful at trading why do you need money from us?

 A lot of people say, “If you’re good why do you need the money from us?”. Our page started in 2019 when we were posting free signals on our Instagram page. Literally we've doing it for free for a long time ago.  After that, we had a lot of people requesting that we should  post our content consistently every week. We decided to charge a small fee for this service and our organization was born! . We have a valuable service to offer the world so that’s why we sell it.

 We don’t claim to be the typical “Instagram Forex Millionaire fake signal provider” who flaunts wads of cash and Ferrari’s on social media. We’re not selling you  a lifestyle. If you want to quit your job to trade forex one day, it’s going to require hard work.

How much do I need to start trading with you?

This is completely up to you. We have lot of members using demo accounts and you can trade with any amount you want . We recommend our students to first get the proper education. By other side , if you want to learn with real money be sure to get money you can afford to lose.

About our risk management:

we risk 1% per trade and potentially make 3-6% per trade this means that if your trading account is worth $200 you’d be risking $4 per trade and potentially be making $6-12 per trade. Once you join our trading group, we’ll teach you how to trade and risk only 1%.  Once you’re a student, we’ll help you come up with a risk management strategy so you don’t blow your account

Do you tell us when to close a trade?

We sahre our trades as an educational purpose but Yes but we also use SL and TP. We primarily let TP (Take Profit) and SL (Stop Loss) manage this for us. It will close the trade when it reaches the desired target or when the trade slides too far back. It’s very rare, but we will occasionally instruct the group to manually close a trade, if necessary. SL and TP are very important tools if you want to trade consistently. Otherwise you’re going to be up all night constantly checking your phone and that’s not a viable long-term solution.


Ebook : Given the nature of digital content, we do not offer a refund or credit on an initial purchases concerning the ebook.

If you participate in a subscription program, you can cancel it at any time. You just have to send us an email at hello.airforexone@gmail.com or instagram message @airforexone with your email and username.

Subscriptions are automatic. Users must cancel their VIP subscription before renewal if they do not wish to be charged anymore.

How to cancel the membership?

If you participate in a subscription program, you can cancel it at any time you want , feel free. You just have to send us an email at hello.airforexone@gmail.com with your telegram username and your email.

Subscriptions are automatic. Users must cancel their VIP subscription before renewal if they do not wish to be charged anymore.

By leaving the Private channel you won't cancel the subscription. You need to inform us you email adress and username in order to totally cancel the subscription.

We will honor cancellations after hours and refund the payment if you contact us prior to your renewal date.

Can I pass a funding program with your service? can I make money from my funded account?

  There is  a lot of things (some that we can’t control) such as account size, leverage, spreads market conditions, rules to respect, trading objectifs, if they allow or no to hold trades overweekend,  time of year, and your risk management strategy and if you respecte our rules and your rules. Even if we have proven results ,from our  honest and realistic traders perspective , we advise to invest first in education and proper strategy before trying to handle to manage hundred thousand dollars accounts. We want the best for our customers and having a low skillset for a high challenge will make you outperform. 

When are the trade ideas shared? 

As we explain in our ebook . We  trade at the London and New York sessions, it is at these

moments where liquidity is mostly injected. Asian session is well know to be a

consolidated session (But that doesn’t mean we can’t find opportunities! Yes

there are presents, althought in YEN , and AUD pairs. The most volatile session

is NY so we advise you to keep an eye on USD pairs such as EURUSD during

that time.

About you Strategy , stop loss , risk reward , win rate , pips etc...? 

Strategy : We mainly trade supply and demand but also our own patterns , we two traders and so we share intraday trade ideas as well as swing trade ideas

Stop loss size:  A lot of scammers say they share trade ideas with tight stop loss . From our real point of view , the stop loss size is defined according to the market structure . If the structure say 15 pips it will be 15 pips if it say 50 pips it will be 50 pips.

Risk Reward: Our goal is to get 1:3 even if sometimes we manually close the trades with more than expected or less.

Win Rate: 70 % .To  be  realistic :  win rate means nothing if you modify risk every time. Imagine if you take 5 trades and you risk : 0.5 % in the first 3 trades and you win the three in a row , after that  your ego increase and you risk 5 percent if the following 2: that you lose ? you will end up with a positive win rate and a heavy loss. 

Pips count : This is another  scammers sales speech , pips are relative. Someone who is convincing you with that  is probably trying to take money from you

Imagine if you set a 0.10 lot size and you make 20 pips? it will be a win of 20 dollars = 20 pips , but what if you set a 0.01 lot size ? it will be a return of 0.20 dollars with 20 pips. 

This service is just made for traders who really are serious about trading. We are not here to sell something without any real value . if your ultimate goals follow our values take action and join us. if that's not the case then airforexone community is not what you are looking for.

Do you have any tracking record or my fxbook results?


About our personal results :

We are two traders running this community and so we also usually take trades individually , in that way our results are personal and are not exactly the same . By other side due to the fact that we have multiple accounts results also vary according to our personal metrics.

About the community results: 

Every trade idea is shared as an educational purpose and is not an vehicle investment . If that's not the case and you come here for the real value with a long term vision,  then you will have a hint of our results in the free telegram group because we share both losing and winning trades.

Any other question not covered ? 
Contact us via Instagram @airforexone