Who are we?

AIR FOREX ONE is a fast-growing forex trading community based in Europe and run by 2 passionated full-time traders (Nelson and Javier). Our aim is to help beginning traders looking to start their journey into forex, as well as experienced traders who are looking to sharpen their skills and increase their consistency. We do not offer account management and we are not an investment company.
For the past years we have been crafting and mastering the art of price action, Now we are sharing our passion with like-minded traders around the world. 

What do we offer?



 This guide is dedicated to all traders and people who want to learn and improve their knowledge in forex trading using our own advanced price action strategies. You will learn a different institutional system.


You have chosen a difficult path and we congratulate you for not having chosen the easy path taken by the majority. You have chosen a path that can lead you to the success and profitability  as much as you are motivated and determined, especially if you are ready to apply what you are going to learn in this 300-page ebook. 


Get Real-Time updates and our own trade ideas. Follow along with our top trading analysts, and access our educational library.


We scan the market everyday, analysis, plan and send trade setups directly to you. All our trade setups for educational purpose  being shared come with entry, exit , and reasoning behind the trade. Members can see what our team of traders is up to and trade what they agree with.

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