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We scan the market everyday and send the setups directly to your phone

Proven Results

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We all hate scams, we know how hard is to trust in traders today. That's why we show transparency within our results

Learn and Earn at the same time

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By trading with the AIR FOREX ONE team and learning more about price action and institutional systems you will be able to follow your own consistency

Connect with us from any devise

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Our community is powered by telegram. That will allow you to keep connected  directly with us and have our priority support during your membership

About The Service

We share current trades and analysis so our members can learn first-hand things like: 

how to spot trading opportunities in real time, how to follow the progression of a trade, when to close out a trade early, how to manage live trades, and other relevant topics.

 Trades are sent whenever they are spotted and we do not have a weekly/daily quota. On average we send daily setups and we take swing and day trades (depending on market conditions).

Entries , Exits , Analysis

Trade alerts (analysis, entry details, stop level and profit level, etc..)  are shared to members from one of our analysts. 

We believe it is important to learn why a trade is being taken, so that members can learn to make their own trading decision. 

We encourage members to evaluate the trade ideas from passionated traders. If any of our members wish to use our trade analysis with their personal trading accounts, they are instructed to do so at their own risk and decision.

Testimonials From our Members

The following testimonials are few from all our members around the world


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