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Foreign Exchange Price Action Experts 

Lean and understand price action from the lens of a financial trader. We offer solutions that help traders all overt the world reach the next level   

AIR FOREX ONE is a fast-growing forex trading community run by 2 enthusiasts traders. Our aim is to help beginning traders looking to start their journey into forex, as well as experienced traders who are looking to sharpen their skills and increase their consistency. We do not offer account management and we are not an investment company. Our trading is based primarily on  Price Action, Supply & Demand and Market Structure.

For the past years we have been crafting and mastering the art of price action. Now we are sharing our passion with like-minded traders around the world.


Designed by independent fulltime traders to create like-minded traders.


We spent a lot of time writing this unique 306+ pages eBook for all beginners and experienced  traders  who want to learn and improve their knowledge in forex trading using trading systems and advanced price action strategies that can lead to success and profitability. Getting the right training before you start is essential for success.


We scan the market everyday, analysis, plan and share trade ideas directly to you. All our trade setups for educational purpose  being shared come with entry, exit, and chart analysis reasoning behind the trade. Members can see what our team of traders is up to and trade what they agree with.

our Approach

Our goal is to simplify and improve your daily approach to financial markets by creating and providing trading solutions you need. We are building like-minded traders

Appropriate Education

Understand price action from the lens of a proper speculator and institutional trader. Learn advanced supply & demand and market structure strategies.

Proven Results

 We share real-time analysis & updates.

Transparent Process

AIR FOREXONE is  based on trust and transparency. We all hate scammers. That's why we show transparency within our results. Feel free to find us on Trustpilot.

Our Trade Ideas

Recent trades shared in the VIP channel.

The VIP group is not just trade ideas and real time setups delivered throughout the week, we don't want to be spoon feeding, we want to provide a high quality chart analysis service and show our members the reasons behind the trade in order to build self independent traders.

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hessain jamal
hessain jamal
this ebook is really legit it's actual cost 1000usd+ if i got to price it really hard work simple to understand
Martin Severino
Martin Severino
5 Star for
Bongani Sigwane
Bongani Sigwane
I would like to say as a trader who has been trading for a year. It’s much clear now with the way you have structured your notes. After reading the notes now I can enter my trades much better than before and the results are coming the way I like it. I can now break my chart into small time frames which I wasn’t doing before the notes. The small time frames like 30min 1 hr are good to spot the trade setup. I have the notes for a month now and I glad I did get the book technical wise it’s a clean simple book and it’s exactly what I need when trading. I can say there is more into and I yet to practice the styles that are in it. The support we get as well goes to add more value, analysis sent to the group during the live trading helps a lot. Which in my view is the most crucial points to have when learning how trade. Points to improve its the grammar needs to be looked at so it flaws well with the good technical part of the ebook. Thanks for the effort to be able to share your experience in trading and keep it improving for a better community.


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