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We all hate scam, we  know how hard is to trust in traders today. That's why we show transparency within our results. 

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This eBook is dedicated to all traders and people who want to learn and improve their knowledge in forex trading using profitable & advanced price action strategies. You will learn professional forex trading with institutional systems.

How This Ebook Will Change your Trading?

When we started trading we spend a lot learning from courses, mentorships all believing that there was a magic indicator or holly grail available to succeed in the forex.  We were wrong and we know how frustrating it is.

You will laugh if we tell you how many times we have lost money trying indicators, buying stupid courses and having the bad education.

By other side we have lost a lot of time and time is more important than money.

Today we can proudly say that trading is a new source of income and has completely changed our lives and will continue to change it better and better. 

Now with years of experience and managing a very fast-growing trading community of traders with amazing success and feedbacks we want to offer you a BIG shortcut.

In this way, this guide aims to show you effective and de key aspects related to price action, supply and demand, systems that will take your trading skills to the next level.

What are you going to learn with this ebook?

We are two price action traders with a combined experiences of years of hard work. The last years, we decided to focus ourselves in the deep knowledge of price action supply and demand and psychology.

With this eBook you will find a very different simple but  deep approach concerning the forex market. You will learn learn from basics to our advanced  trading systems.

Synopsis: 368 pages eBook

We dedicate this book to all new and struggling traders out here. You will find a source of inspiration and motivation to help you become a profitable trader with our concepts. You will have the tools to develop into the kind of skilled trader you need to become in order to build the trading career you want and deserve. This eBook deserve the results talk by themselves. It is only made for those who want to bring their trading to the next level.

You Can See This ebooks as an investment 

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

With the advanced knowledges shared in this book, you will be able to say goodbye to indicators and start having consistent results thanks to the systems and well explained strategies.

You Can See this Ebook as a Consulting

We will transfer you everything we know (years of experience) from a combined experience of years of learning, reading and lot of applications of real time trading hours.

In other words you can chose to get the same results than us if you apply the information you will learn in this 368 pages eBook.



The following testimonials are few from all our members around the world. 

T. Moenda
T. Moenda
The book is full of great information and studying material which could be beneficial to anyone who's still learning how to trade or looking for that extra edge. Although it's sometimes very difficult to understand the sentences due to poor grammar and sentence structure, the information that's inside this compensates extremely for that. I give this book 4 stars because it's really a good book, if they were to do word checks and proofreading - I'm changing my rating to 5 stars!! I'm also very grateful and impressed that they're taking care of their first clients who bought version 3 by giving them more information for free! Please don't stop doing this, AIRFOREXONE With Love From South Africa! T.
Marco Galanti
Marco Galanti
The price of this Ebook is truly ridiculous in compensation for what we have been taught. If one day I really reach my goal of becoming a Trader I swear I will make a large donation to these fantastic guys who have taught us a lot! I can only say thank you!
Kevin St-Hilaire Ace MB
Kevin St-Hilaire Ace MB
So far, it is the best value quality/price i found and the content is A+. Plus, they keep updating the ebook whith their knowledge. I really dont regret buying the VIP package. I would 100% recommend it to close one no matter his level of knowledge.
Muy buen libro, que explica perfectamente como funciona el mercado, tanto en analisis técnico, gestión psicológica o movimiento/zonas de las manos fuertes. Hecho en falta profundizar más en onas de oferta y demanda. Como unico punto negativo mencionar que no esta en Español, solo ingles o frances
Andres Olave
Andres Olave
This eBook is one of the few books that genuinly has value. It has so much relevant information about Forex and Trading that it is worth every dollar. And one of the best things is that even if there is a new update on this book (yes it gets updates: new chapters) you don't have to pay for the new version. Really improved my knowledge and mindset of Forex Trading. The signal group is chill and if you have a question about a trade they will gladly answer. This is a group of good experienced Traders. Not only Trading but in the service they offer.
el khloufi zaid
el khloufi zaid
I bought several books when I first started trading, some were expensive from this ebook and some were cheaper, but this ebook from airforexone has changed my trading system and I'm still learning so much there is useful information , for this price and this content it is the best quality / price that you can find in the trading world, you will not regret
Muhammad Firdaus
Muhammad Firdaus
The contents of the book are very cleary arranged one by one . Keep it up afx .
ojo kehinde
ojo kehinde
it as lot to read but trust me if you take the time to read and understand what is written in the book it would change your mindset about the way you see the markets
Nicholas Gandolfo
Nicholas Gandolfo
Perfectly explained concepts and clear explainations, I definitely reccomend this book since it helped me a lot to deeply understand the topic so that I can be more responsible in the world of trading

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