If you are a full or part time trader with ambitious income goals but struggling, we will make you to develop a solid trading strategy, unshakeable discipline and consistency and achieve the trading results you know you are truly capable of.

1-1 premium mentorship program

  • 1-1 forex mentorship program

    This mentorship program is a 1-1 live meetings, personalised homework and feedback that will ultimately help you take your trading to the next level. Our mentors have over a decade of combined experience and manage multiple funded accounts as well as private portfolios.

  • 3 weeks 1 on 1 private mentoring

    Experience a fully customised 1-1 coaching program where every session and technique is tailored specifically to your needs. 100% accountability and 100% personal support to ensure that nothing is left on the table when it comes to levelling up your trading performance.

  • Learn solid & profitable trading systems

    We guarantee that our profitable proven system applied to the right instrument can outperform. That’s why implementing our methodology is going to bring your trading to the next level.

  • Sharpen your mindset

    Permanently resolve indiscipline by unearthing the subconscious root cause of your trading challenges. Cultivate the mindset, emotional control and habits that will elevate your trading results to the level of your true potential. Fast-track the learning curve and save financial and emotional capital with unparalleled expert support.

Mentoring plan

1hour – 1h30 per live sessions with our 2 mentors head traders and the student.

First session : Decode & Resolve

  • We forensically break down your trading approach applying the 3M method, we analyse current strengths and weaknesses and then set detailed goals.
  • We resolve the mindset blocks and habits that are negatively impacting your trading.
  • We uncover the very root of self-sabotage and understand what is causing your trading challenges before introducing techniques to shift your mindset and strategy.
  • We teach you our money management concepts to make you have a smooth equity curve.
  • We give you access to our ebook as well as other confidential content that is going to bring your trading to the next level.
  • You receive the access to our notion templates to track your portfolio as well as other tools 

Second session: Implement & Optimize

  • We teach you new trading techniques & strategies to elevate your trading results.
  • We introduce the habits and skills that will take your trading from neutral to exceptional.
  • We review your trades with you & prepare the week.
  • We give you access to our confidential documents with the detailed strategy as well as our bullet proof trading plan simplified to make your trading successful.
  • At the end of this session, you will have a solid trading edge and a more structure plan.

Third session: Elevate & Repeat

  • We fine tune your mental training routine so you can make those 1% improvements that will accumulate to make a significant difference to your trading results.
  • We go in deep with mental techniques to trade in the flow and calm state of mind. 
  • We review your trades with you & improve your progress.
  • You finish the program equipped to pass future challenges.

How the mentorship is going to work?

This private coaching will be held by the AFX1 mentors (Nelson & Javier) at the same time with ONE student only.
We will guide you step by step and watch over everything you do. We will train you to trade all techniques and strategies we personally use with great success.

Learn & apply a bullet proof system

Learn and implement profitable solid trading technics & strategies.

24/7 support

With fully customized coaching and solutions that are uniquely created for you, you can elevate your mindset, method discipline and consistency to match your true trading potential.

Sharpen your money management skills

With the proper risk management concepts that we teach, you will be able to elevate your trading, manage your capital like a portfolio manager & increase your income from trading. 

Reach specific goals with us

We analyse current strengths and weaknesses and then set detailed goals to move you to where you want to be.

Build a solid trading plan

Step by step to build your profitable trading plan. Flawless execution trades and guide you in order to trade like a sniper.

Sharpen your methodology.

With the proper methodology, you will win a lot of time, you will be more confident and spend less time in front of the charts and make more.

Client Reviews

The following testimonials are few from all our members around the world

From a beginner to a good trader. From a beginner to a good trader. Anyone who wants to learn forex trading with a good strategy and understand the market should take this course. I have struggled for two years and it was after this course that I began to understand what I was doing wrong. Now I feel confident, found my edge and only take positions where I make a "good sphere". You get what you pay for and much more. You will not regret it!
Bismark Addrah
Bismark Addrah
Amazing 🤩 Wow 🤩……Is really amazing.I really love this book.You guys have really gone in deft.Easy to understand.keep it up,more room for improvement.God richly bless you guys.
I didn't expect this kind of knowledge… I didn't expect this kind of knowledge in this book i bought many books but in my library this one is out of the box. Really good and useful knowledge in this book. No rubbish indicator or etc. Just simply way to teach trading. Thanks AFX TEAM FOR THIS TYPE OF KNOWLEDGE.
Fayyaz Ahmad
Fayyaz Ahmad
That’s awesome fully explained. That’s awesome fully explained.
Vagelis Tsouras
Vagelis Tsouras
Congratulation Congratulation. This book provides you not only insights of advance price action but also, shows you how to become a real trader. Specifically, assists traders to model the process step by step in order to be successful.
Otugo Blessing
Otugo Blessing
The forex experts I don't have much to say but I must admit this that if everyone should go through this ebook, it's an end tk poverty. Thank you very much Air Forex One. God richly bless you
Matthew Hanson
Matthew Hanson
There is a lot of crap in the FX… There is a lot of crap in the FX business, but these guys are pure gold. Best transparency and accurate analysis / education you can find hands down. Thank you AFX1 I fully support your group for life!
Great content Great content - great value for money. You won’t regret it

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Frequently Asked Questions

The sessions will take place on Saturday and Sunday via Google Meet.

Our availabilities are:

From 7am gmt +6 to 10 am gmt+6 (NY)

From 1pm gmt to 4 pm gmt (GMT)

Form 2 pm gmt +7 to 5 pm gmt +7 (LONDON).

Once you enrol the program, we will schedule the sessions together.

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