Things to know Before trying FTMO

31 May, 2020

Once we are profitable we all want to start trading full time manage bigger capital and live more comfortable. FTM0 can be very interesting but  before trying FTMO make sure to read this article because we are going to share you Few things that are going to help you.

We all know that in trading you can’t jump steps to become successful. Everything takes time. We first trade demo accounts before trading with live accounts. We first learn how to manage 1k before managing 100 K. WE FIRST TRY FREE TRIAL FTMO BEFORE TRYING THE FOUNDING CHALLENGE

In that way, I will give you few tips about how to achieve the free one. 

I’m sharing and documenting my journey through this process since I always have been trading with my own capital.

I found the free trial realistic and attainable here’s the objectives:

You will receive a 40k account and you will have 14 days to acheive the following objectives:

  • 5 minimum trading days
  • 2k max daily loss
  • 4k max loss
  • 2k profit target

Let’s start with what is going to help you

Before Driving a lambo make sure to know how to drive

Yup,  Only Try FTMO if you already have consistent results with your personal accounts. If you are not profitable at trading the forex market it doesn’t make sense to try lucky in the challenge .

The best you can do in that situation is to invest that money on education or backtesting softwares that are going to help you with your trading. 

We all know that in trading you can’t jump steps to become successful. 

Everything takes time. 

We first trade demo accounts before trading live accounts, we first learn how to manage 1k before managing 100 K, we first learn then earn and finally WE FIRST TRY THE FREE TRIAL FTMO BEFORE TRYING THE FOUNDING CHALLENGE.


Avoid Risking To Much

When starting the challenge. Do not start risking 2 % 3% that’s unrealistic This is not a casino, it’s all about capital preservation. In order to avoid a initial DD,  I advise to start risking 0.5% and one you’ve accumulated profits start risking more. 

Do Not Rush the Process

When starting the challenge, Take it easy…. slow down. There is enough time to show your skills and performances. As we all know we all have days in which market conditions do not show entries althougt today with such fundamentals conditions. Avoid overtrading and do not rush the process

Capital preservation, Over capital Appreciation

Due to the account size make sure to move your BE in profits that’s going to secure the bag. If you have bad trading habits you should work on that because you can easily lose the challenge.

Compare your average Profit vs your average Loss

Do not focus on your average win rate , you have to master the game of having bigger average profits than average losses. In that way you need to master Risk Reward Ratios

Thank you so much for reading this post. If you want to bring your trading to the next level, STOP struggling with psychology or price action,  make sure to click the following links.